Universal Professional

Baltic Plant – Universal Professional

Natural bio activator for use in agriculture. A natural fertilizer with bio-stimulating effect - activates vital processes in plants,  produced on the basis of peat and sapropel humic substances.

  • Increases productivity (field research has shown a 15-30% increase in yield), improves the taste and nutritional value of the product. Reduces the amount of pesticide and nitrate residues in products.
  • Improves seed germination and planting facilitates the rooting of cuttings. Contributes to the development of the root system, stimulates plant growth and development of fruits.
  • Increases plant immunity against adverse growth conditions (heat, drought, frost, diseases, etc.). Improves nutrient penetration in plants, improves metabolic processes in plants. Increases fertilizer use efficiency by reducing fertilizer consumption by 20-30%.

Use: Spraying on leaves together with mineral fertilizers or pesticides.  Universal Professional: 0,5 L/ ha +200 L H2O + BioActive Cytokinin: 0,3 L/ ha