Eco balance

Baltic Plant – Eco balance

To improve Infertile or sandy soil. Biologically active sapropel humic concentrate, strong prebiotic. Naturally restores the organic composition of the soil, activates the soil microflora.

Raw material: lake sludge (sapropel) from ecologically clean freshwater reservoirs. It contains microorganisms and humic acids.

Use: The concentrate is diluted with water in a ratio 1:40.  For one hectare, we recommend using 5 liters of concentrate per 200 liters of water. The prepared working solution (average pH 7,2) is evenly incorporated into the soil.

It can be used again 14 days after the first treatment. Further treatment can be carried out 2-4 times per season as necessary, especially if the soil has a high sand content. It is recommended to use before sowing/planting and after harvesting the dose can be increased 2 - 3 times.