Bio Compost

Baltic Plant – Bio Compost

Natural bio activator for use in agriculture. Natural fertilizer with bio-stimulating effect - activates vital processes in plants.

  • Protects plants from the uptake of heavy metals into cells;
  • Promotes the recovery of weakened plants and awakens dormant buds. Prolongs the flowering time for decorative plants and contributes to more abundant flowering.
  • Prevents rapid drying out of soil and leaching of mineral fertilizers in the soil.
  • Strengthens plants’ health and improves growing.
  • Promotes rooting and development of a strong root system.
  • Improves penetration of nutrition elements into plants.
  • Stimulates a more intensive color of leaves in decorative plants.
  • In flowering plants stimulates buds and rich flowering.
  • Increases plants’ resistance against unfavorable growth condition

Use: Spraying on leaves together with mineral fertilizers or pesticides: Universal Professional: 0,5 L/ ha +200 L H2O + BioActive Cytokinin: 0,2 L/ ha