BioActive cytokinin

Baltic Plant – BioActive cytokinin

Naturally occurring biologically active compounds containing cytokinins and auxins. Recommended for all crops.

  • Promotes seed germination. Increases productivity, improve product palatability, enhance storage capacity and increase the nutritional value.
  • Promotes fuller plant growth as it contributes to the development of side- buds and awakens the sleeping buds.
  • Increases plant resistance to adverse growing conditions.
  • Promotes cell division, chlorophyll synthesis in plants and inhibits plant again.

Professional usage. Use diluted with water. It can be used in combination with fertilizers and plant protection products - compatibility testing is recommended before mixing. Designed for professional use.

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds, tubers, and bulbs

Working solution: 80 ml / 24-40 l water / 1 t; add to seeds mordant or soak seeds for 4-6 hours, tubers and bulbs to be sprayed.