Lithuanian scientist and the International Community of the Users of Lakes Organics proposes to use unique organic fertilizers and ameliorants produced from natural resource i.e. freshwater lakes sapropel, which enables to:



Create a durable fertile soil in the desert


Restore the agronomic parameters of degraded soil


Stabilise and retain the productivity and efficiency of the soil, as well as improve its ecologic consistence and agronomic characteristics within the territories of high degradation risk


Satisfy the 100% of the organic materials demand for organic farming activities

About us and about sapropel

UAB Nova Aqua has been established with the purpose to  offer sapropel based products from the Baltic region- Lithuania and Latvia. Since 2012 a group of Lithuanian and Latvian researchers  have been actively analysing and developing the industrial  organic sapropel dewatering technologies pursuing to  solve the drawbacks, causing obstacles for theglobal utilization and export of organic sapropel.

According to the data of the United Nations, 12 million hectares of fertile soil degrade annually, decreasing overall agriculture production capacity in whole world1. This problem relates not only to the deserts, but also to the regions at risk, where the fertile soil is destroyed due to natural conditions, usage of chemical fertilizers, overexploitation or other human activities.